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What Better Way is There to Remind Dad That He’s a Weirdo? Order Your MR. LOBO DVDs Now to Get Them for FATHERS DAY – June 21st.



Who says FATHERS DAY is not a real holiday? Is it just because Dad wont shoot death rays from his eyes if he isn’t appeased like Mom does? Sure, Dads just want one thing–to be left alone. One day to relax without taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, filling out tax forms, opening factory sealed jars, or picking up pet droppings. This year make sure Dad kicks back in style with these fun items from our store.

AtomicBrainDVDCoverAttention SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS and spawn of confirmed CINSOMNIACS! CINEMA INSOMNIA: ATOMIC BRAIN on OSI DVD has been released on an unsuspecting world and can be ordered today to receive by Fathers DaDVD_201_20D_400wy!

This CINEMA INSOMNIA episode contains a full lost episode of “Insomniac Theatre” from 1963 when a younger and less world weary Mr. Lobo presented the, then new, film MONSTROSITY AKA ATOMIC BRAIN.
You can still get our essential CINEMA INSOMNIA: HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL featuring MR. LOBO and unusal cameos by other horror movie hosts Rich Koz(SVENGOOLIE), Dick Dyzsel(COUNT GORE), Jerry Moore(KARLOS BORLOFF) and John Dimes(DR. SARCOFIGUY). Filmed in a REAL haunted house!

And speaking of haunted houses…
Listen to Mr. Lobo in your hearse or coffin on this spoken word CD spoofing children’s Halloween LPs from the 60’s and 70’s. HORRIBLE NOISES OF MR. LOBO’s VERY BAD MANOR!

Bad Manor thumb
For a more traditional gift you can pre-order the OFFICIAL CINEMA INSOMNIA NECKTIE worn by America’s second or third best movie host Mr. Lobo!Lobotiebutton

Happy Fathers Day From CINEMA INSOMNIA!




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