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What Kind of Mayhem Do You Express in Your Art?

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Over the past few months we have seen many things here on cinemainsomnia.com: ghosts, werewolves, cannibal families, cult film leaders who were simply Divine, vampires, and much more. This week we take a look at “Mayhem Expressed In Art.”

When you hear that line, what do you think of? House of Wax? Bucket of Blood? This could also include films filled with disasters and explosions as displayed by the Horror Host Magazine “Bob Ross ‘Happy Little Cloud'” painting. These will be demonstrated through video clips of trailers and possible classic show episodes.¬†Pictures, posters, and much more shall fill up your news feeds so be on the look-out and share away with your friends and family!

We Always Need Your Help, CInsomniacs! You are the ones who keep Mr. Lobo going as well as the rest of the Cinema Insomnia family. We challenge you to represent the theme of the week! How can you do that? Tell us and show us your favorite villain and their partners in crimes by commenting or posting about them on our pages! Some of you who enjoy dressing up, put on your costumes and post pictures representing the theme and you will see your picture on our pages! If any of you have vintage posters or create animations representing the theme share those as well! If you know or find pictures and video clips matching the theme post them or your personal pictures on our Facebook pages, Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram with #CIThemeoftheweek!

Be Prepared for another Fantastic Week!


1 Comment

  • August 26, 2014 at 3:05 PM
    Prince Everlove

    Since Cinema is among my favorite Art Medias, “GOKE-BODY SNATCHER FROM HELL” is definately Mayem In Art! Imagine being trapped on an island after your plane crashes with a crazed Vampire running loose! Artwise, a cinema feast for the eyes, complete with bloodred skies! Ahhh, Foreign Films are so full of quirky madness-and mayhem!


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