Who will be Friday’s SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK? Who will get our first ever E-Award?

Misunderstood Movie fans! As any one of you may be chosen in the future we ask for your Attention Please!
Lady Knight Heidi finally has her certificate to prove her SLEEPLESS KNIGHT OF THE WEEK status from this past June. We had a lot of goofs with the Post Office and few late deliveries like Heidi’s that fell through the cracks. To be honest collecting addresses was like herding cats and Mr. Lobo and crew are spreading themselves thin as it is. We want to continue to show our appreciation for your appreciation in a better way.
We came up with a Modern solution to our Modern Problems! Yes! I Like it! A digital downloadable version of the same certificate that went out to all Fans of the Week to date! Only this award you get to enjoy IMMEDIATELY! And Share it IMMEDIATELY! And the whole world can see it IMMEDIATELY!

No muss. No Fuss. Watch this space tomorrow to see the all-new ELECTRONIC version of this FAN OF THE WEEK award certificate in action!

Please no forgeries–You would only be cheating yourself!


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