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Artist Jim Kavanaugh Honors Mr. Lobo with a Remarkable Portrait!


JimKMrLoboWe’ve been seeing some amazing artwork from CInsomniacs lately but this one shown to Mr. Lobo today by Braintree, Massachusetts artist Jim Kavanaugh is unlike anything we’ve seen! As you know, Jim did the Gravely MacCabre cover portrait in pastel for the Horror Hosts and Creature Features online article: Midnight Monster Hop Nonstop.

This piece however is done in markers which is surprising considering the detail. The face seems to most resemble one of the 8×10 print of Mr. Lobo taken in Karlos Borloff’s Dungeon by Johnny Johnson–But the addition of the book and the pipe is very unusual for any Cinema Insomnia illustration.

You can look at more of Jim Kavanaugh’s artwork on his facebook page

Mr. Lobo thanks Jim for his fine work and is relieved that he is not the only one that’s sees the phantom hand that is always following him!

A bit of trivia: Mr. Lobo did have a pipe for the never aired Insomniac Theater pilot but since it was a used vintage pipe the taste made your host a bit sick and it was dropped from the show except for special occasions. The orange shirt was introduced Halloween 2012. And there is a recent picture on Mr. Lobo’s personal facebook page in repose with a book and pipe at his new home in the greater Philadelphia area.



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