BEWARE: Mr. Lobo’s email list hacked by cyber spies…

GREETINGS PROGRAMS***We have changed all passwords and Cyber-Lords willing the perpetrators will pay for this intrusion and justice will be served. In the meantime, do not open any email from “mister lobo” that has “mister lobo” as the subject header. We would never send you a link without telling you where it goes. Your privacy is valued to us and we apologize for any inconvenience this email virus may have 418367_10150643063219660_1844700130_ncaused.



One Reply to “BEWARE: Mr. Lobo’s email list hacked by cyber spies…”

  1. May I say this? I have often pondered over the YouTube discontinuation of many Cinema Insomina Episodes as a sabotage by some who I’m sure pressed hands and told Mr.Lobo, “We’re behind you 100%!” Now this offensive cyber attack. It illustrates the envy/jealousy of some who in reality despise the success and prosperity of others. The “Me First” Syndrome. Thank you for the warning, Mr.Lobo. As we all know, the best “revenge” is sweet success. 2013~Year Of The Lobo continues unabated…..

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