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Classic Cinema Insomnia episode

Yesterday, We Searched for the Solar Eclipse! Today, Astronauts!

We hope all of you enjoyed the Solar Eclipse yesterday, no matter how short it may have been in your area. This week, we are heading back into space IN SEARCH FOR ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS! We are again asking that deep, plaguing question….”Are We Alone?” Join us this week as we head to the stars with...More Please

Cinema Insomnia Episode Theme of the Week!

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  First and foremost, a big THANK YOU for all who attended the 20th anniversary of MONSTER BASH! And THANK YOU to those Sleepless Knights and guests who stopped by to visit MR. LOBO! If you have pictures from the event, don’t forget to tag Mr. Lobo! Photo Credit: Paul Sanders   Fantastic News is...More Please

Happy Memorial Day from all of us at CINEMA INSOMNIA!

Cinema Insomnia – S1E12 – Bucket of Blood, 2016 Version from OSI 74 on Vimeo. Happy Memorial Day from all of us at Cinema Insomnia!   Per request of Sleepless Knight Rev Steve Galindo, enjoy this “hip” classic Cinema Insomnia episode featuring the Roger Corman’s A BUCKET OF BLOOD.   What episode would you like...More Please

Hyah! Mr. Lobo gets a kick out of Martial Artist and Sleepless Knight of the Week–Mike Quebec

Number One Super guy, MICHAEL QUEBEC, is our fan of the week. Usually Mr. Lobo’s fans have a less active lifestyle. This Knight ran ads in some of our old shows as a call to arms to make low budget Martial Arts movies in the San Francisco Bay Area. The picture above is from a...More Please

Ink-Credible Couple! The Only Two SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS We Know with Matching Tattoos!

Two Bay Area SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS SUPREME–CInsomniac riv(lower case “r”) and Tom(upper case “T”) found out about Cinema Insomnia or “CI”  from their neighbor, Phillip(with Two “L”s) –Thank you so much, Phillip with Two “L”s!!!. riv and Tom made a major contribution to CINEMA INSOMNIA’S 10th Anniversary Kickstarter campaign and many of you fans may recognize...More Please


OPEN UP YOUR INSOMNIAC SACK AND DEMAND GOODIES! Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream Enjoy our Our Haunted House Special from 2013! INTERNATIONAL RADIO APPEARANCE Tonite, Mr. Lobo will be a special guest on COAST TO COAST AM WITH GEORGE NOORY and will be taking about Halloween, Horror Films and Horror Hosts in for their...More Please

“Space-Out” with this weekends Classic Cinema Insomnia! CREATURE!

This is your captain speaking, put on your space-jammies and prepare for maximum thrust!  CINEMA INSOMNIA rockets you into hyper-sleep with this ALIEN knock-off hosted by Commander Lobo. Klaus Kinski stars in this egg-citing adult thriller edited for TV–William Malone’s CREATURE!  2 hours of slumber party fun brought to you through the miracle of SPACE...More Please