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Amazing, Absurd Animated Project That Goes Beyond The Normal–THE PARANORMAL IDIOT

One of our favorite directors or surrealist comedy short films and some of our favorite people in the world of cult movies are making a pilot episode for an animated comedy series centered around two part-time paranormal investigators. Please support this worthy project on Kickstarter and make this program take off into the Stratosphere. If...More Please

Ink-Credible Couple! The Only Two SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS We Know with Matching Tattoos!

Two Bay Area SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS SUPREME–CInsomniac riv(lower case “r”) and Tom(upper case “T”) found out about Cinema Insomnia or “CI”  from their neighbor, Phillip(with Two “L”s) –Thank you so much, Phillip with Two “L”s!!!. riv and Tom made a major contribution to CINEMA INSOMNIA’S 10th Anniversary Kickstarter campaign and many of you fans may recognize...More Please