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From the Lap of Mr. Lobo

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A Personal Update for all you loyal Cinsomniacs!

Mr. Lobo's Insomniac Oath on Monster Madhouse, Fairfax VA!

Wherever you may dwell, know that the protective hypnotic eye is with you always! As you know, Mr. Lobo has traveled to the juicy hind portion of the country to collaborate with the Sci-Fi/Horror/Cult/Budget Movie elite. Our fecal-storm of bad-timing and worse luck has dissipated. So far we have the shot 2 and ½  more brand new Cinema Insomnia episodes with Virginia horror host legend Jerry Moore II as producer and Mr. Lobo has made an appearance on his program Monster Madhouse – a DC area staple!

Gravely Macabre of Midnight Monster Hop and Castle Blood, Pittsburg PAMr. Lobo was the main judge for a Horror Make-Up contest at THE NATIONAL HAUNTERS CONVENTION in Oaks, PA where Mr. Lobo made some great conacts and  also had a sit down interview with Pittsburgh host Gravely Macabre for Horror Hosts and Creature Features magazine. Richmond filmmaker Eric Miller and the folks at the ZOM-BEE horror channel in Northern VA are slated to co-produce more CI for you that will be available for viewing worldwide in the near future.

Buttons, Lobo approved Art, and new 8×10’s will be available at MONSTER BASH Conference in Butler, PA where Mr. Lobo is booked to host REPTILICUS live!  There we’ll meeting with fans and experts and gathering the info and strength needed for our next offensive.  We’ll also be collaborating again with the organizers at BLOBFEST in Pheonixville!

Joseph Proffitt's amazing portrait of Mr. Lobo, Chicago Il.

Mr. Lobo is proud to have such amazing support and plans on returning to the West Coast in July triumphant…ready to unleash new CI and our long promised rewards for our special supporters! It takes patience and dedication and superior genetic make-up to be a Cinema Insomnia fan. Thank You! Mr. Lobo does not take you for granted!

Your Cinema Insomnia host,
Mr. Lobo


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  • May 2, 2014 at 8:44 AM

    Very interesting post. I Love Mr. Lobo!


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