MZTYour Cinema Insomnia host  is rolling out another new episode featuring a world broadcast  premiere of a low budget independent film on ZOM-BEE TV.

The show is scheduled to “go live” late tonight. So if you are watching your ROKU streaming player this evening…beware!

The Alamo Drafthouse was proud to host the real-life Premiere of the film from Glenn Berggoetz earlier this year as part of Zom-Bee Freakend Festival, presented by Fangoria Entertainment and Prosthetic Records to celebrate the launch of the channel.

The director of MIDGET ZOMBIE TAKEOVER also brought us THE WORST MOVIE EVER and his titles really say it all. SPOILER ALERT: This film does have at least one zombie of the smaller variety.

The episode was shot on location at Zom-Bee studios in Northern Virginia and at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Winchester. Mr. Lobo whose motto is “They’re not Bad Movies–Just Misunderstood” warns the viewing public that this film is VERY misunderstood. Those of you who imbibe, may want to pick up a bottle of ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE VODKA and make yourself a MIDGET ZOM-TINI or two before watching this feature.


ZOM-BEE TV is a new FREE horror and classic exploitation channel for CONNECTED TELEVISION that is currently on the affordable ROKU STREAMING PLAYER but will soon be infecting GOOGLE TV, SMART TVs, GAME SYSTEMS, and SMART PHONES…

ZOM-BEE TV is always looking for offbeat original horror, sci-fi, and exploitation programing contact DALE JACKSON.

A ROKU box can be purchased at department stores for $50 to $80 and there is no monthly fee for the box. It uses the internet in your home to deliver programming to your TV. There are hundreds of free channels, thousands of private channels, you can use it to access your Netflix account, or purchase other programming.

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