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Hardware Wars and Plan 9 From Outer Space on Cinema Insomnia




“May The Farce Be with You”…and “Your Stupid Minds! Stupid, Stupid!” Reclusive artist, filmmaker, and satirist ERNIE FOSSELIUS comes out of his cave to teach Mr. Lobo some Improv skills in this mostly ad libbed 2006 episode filmed at The Playland Museum’s Haunted House in El Cerrito, CA. Most famous for the biggest short film of all time–Hardware Wars, Ernie has a career full of varied and strange creative works. He was the sound designer for the Tim Burton’s Ed Wood film, provided voices for the Rancor Keeper and other background characters in the later Star Wars films, and janitor on Cinema Insomnia. Artie Deco and Chewchilla the Wookie Monster were in mothballs for 20 years until their appearance on this episode and Ernie premieres a new puppet…George Lucas.



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