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Press Kit

Welcome reporters, journalists, bloggers and other news-makers!

We appreciate the coverage…your hard work helps spread the word about CINEMA INSOMNIA to new people and we want to make it easy for you to report on our work. A good CINEMA INSOMNIA item, article, interview, or review will also bring our legions of fans to you.

This is the online press kit for Cinema Insomnia, an American television program hosted by Mr. Lobo. “Late Night” B-Movies are presented in 8 to 12 segments with host material and campy short subjects in between. Mr. Lobo is a comedic version of a dark Rod Serling type anthology host and he is also the shows creator and producer. His most notable side characters on the show are a houseplant named Miss Mittens, Francois Fly, Astra Naughty, Larry Servo, and now a space-gorilla named Ro-Mana.

Materials related to the program, Press Releases, and high quality black and white and color images will be posted or made available through this page.



Mr. Lobo, AKA Mister Lobo, is a TV host, writer, actor and producer, dedicated to unusual and low budget cinema. He has also appeared in many films and was cast as CRISWELL in the long awaited remake of PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE.  His motto is “They’re Not Bad Movies -“ Just Misunderstood.”


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email: info@cinemainsomnia.com
phone: 1-317-4-LOBO-TV (1-317-456-2688)

mailing address:  PO Box 74, Atglen PA 19310

Screeners of shows can be viewed here



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