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Mister Lobo’s Farewell to Karen Black


HHCF cover Karen Black alt webKaren black 1 webMr. Lobo (with some help from his friends and associates in the horror community) has written a memorial article about the first lady of Horror and Low-Budget Genre Films, Karen Black for Horror Hosts and Creature Features Magazine.

Goodnight, Karen Black. You don’t have to fight that horrible ampullary cancer of the stomach any more. Slumber in Peace. You have earned it. You have given so much to so many of us and will be missed. The popular mainstream press will tell you and tell you that she was the actress best known for her role in FIVE EASY PIECES(1970) as The Waitress opposite Jack Nicolson. Of course, she was in classic independent films like NASHVILLE(1975), THE GREAT GATSBY(1974), and EASY RIDER(1969) and won Golden Globes and was nominated for Oscars. That is NOT the actress we are going to talk about here. Prestige and awards make a nice obituary… but to us, to MR. LOBO and DIXIE DELLAMORTO, the staff at CINEMA INSOMNIA, ZOM-BEE TV, along with HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES, and including all our friends in the horror and low budget genre film community..
USKAREN BLACK was an ICON. Karen Black appeared in more than 100 films and often portrayed women who were eccentric, attractive, and in danger. We are lucky she worked extensively in the low budget horror genre…                        READ MORE



  • August 9, 2013 at 9:40 AM

    My favourite memory of Karen was a made for TV horror Move called Trilogy of Terror, she was being stalked by a voodoo doll or something like that and in the end she is Possessed by it crouching down stabbing the floor with a kitchen knife. I was maybe 13/14 when I saw that and that image is still with me today.

    RIP Karen You will be missed and thanks for may sleepless night ( in more than one way )

    • August 15, 2013 at 4:12 PM
      Prince Everloved

      Wow. I thought Karen was so beautiful! Such a long career she had! A Horror Icon indeed, and so much more. She will haunt my dreams for years to come. And I welcome her with open arms…(hugz)


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