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Most Viewed Cinema Insomnia episode–“Undertaker And His Pals” hits 8000 views!


Warts and all, this technically uneven episode created from the raw bits of the LIVE show in Sacramento–is the most viewed episode of Mr. Lobo’s Cinema Insommnia on Lobovision! Enjoy here and on your TV via ZOM-BEE TV for ROKU. If you were at that live show and have a memory–please share it here. Mr. Lobo’s mind has blocked it out.



  • July 1, 2013 at 2:40 AM
    prince everlove

    The Undertaker And His Pals is one of the worst Hatchet Jobs (yes, that pun was intentional) ever put to celluloid! But here my friends is where Cinema Insomnia works its magic! There are I’m sure a dozen or more Horror-Hosted segments featuring this messy gore-fest. BUT they are NOT cool, clever or served with that oh so spicy Lobo Sauce of innuendo, wit and sophisticated level of humor. The Lobo-Tomizing of this throw-away film raises it to an Art Form, in the category of Z~Grade Films. Minus Cinema Insomnia?…We would have a lot more suicides I guarantee you.

  • June 29, 2013 at 2:01 PM
    C H

    Going to watch THIS now—But YOU, yes YOU ! Are the Sole reason why I purchased ROKU…..I TRULY Hope You & Mrs. Lobo have continued success —- and Much More that You Both Deserve


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