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Mr. and Mrs. Lobo’s Magazine is Back for a Limited Time!


HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURE MAGAZINE FANS get ready to howl at the moon in appreciation of the return of our first issue for a limited time. We are making 50 issues of our previously SOLD OUT books available on this website only–In spite of  the best efforts of a tentacled corporate monster’s attempts to prevent us from selling our magazine you by hiding behind the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Apparently, some greedy individuals have forgotten about freedom of the press, fair use, and value of good fan relations and free promotion! So get these priceless pieces of genre related art while you still can!

A perfect gift for monster loving friends and family members this Halloween Season and all year round.

Great art, pictures, informative articles and more tips, tricks n’ treats! Al “Grandpa” Lewis, his widow Karen Lewis and her upcoming book, Count Gore De Vol of Washington DC, Bob Wilkins of California, Bowman Body of Richmond VA,  Dr. Creep of Ohio, Toronto Zombie Walk Founder Thea Munster,  Ghoulguy’s Drive In, Cinema Insomnia’s Mr. Lobo, Dixie Dellamorto, Elvira, Halloween Jack, Svenghoolie, Donald David, Strephon Taylor, Lord Blood Rah, Nik Ceasar’s Mosquito and Spider, Teenage Frankenstein, Horror Host insider industry ads, Monster Madhouse creator Karlos Borloff, musician Voltaire, fun and games, toys, Criswell, NOTLD actress Kyra Schon, Psychotronix co-founders Sci-Fi Bob and Scott Moon, fashion guru Kevin Novinski, artist Danny Hellman, and The Addams Family Vs. “another” TV Monster Family are all packed into this 50 page, perfectbound, glossy cardstock covered bombshell to the Cult Movie world.

All books will be signed by publisher/Horror Host Mr. Lobo and Editor In Chief/Artist Dixie Dellamorto for only $15 and that includes shipping inside the continental US! Overseas orders please contact us for postage costs.

ORDER NOW before these 50 issues disappear!

Please PayPal $15 to Plan-9fromOuterSpace@Hotmail.com




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