In the begining, this small globe cooled in the vacuum of outer space and gave rise to cold blooded beasts of massive size called horror movie fans! Every year the old ones gather at a special 3-day ritual called MONSTER BASH at the DAYS INN in BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA! A freaky family reuinon full of collectors, film and TV actors, spectres, robot erectors, movie projectors, genre inspectors, reality defectors, funeral directors, Dr. Lecters, and pocket protectors!

In the year of our lord 2012, one horror host was asked by CREEPY CLASSICS and SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE to present the film REPTILICUS on Saturday Night at 12:30 for this historic PREHISTORIC themed edition of their MONSTER BASH JUNE 22-24! Men call this host Mr. Lobo and if you are brave of spirit and have superior DNA – you will be there in the movie room, too – for prizes, suprizes, and the INSOMNIAC OATH! All this happens after the outdoor drive-in style films in the insect rich parking lot and before the REPTILICUS runs in it’s entirety without interuption other than the usual mild heckling and snores!

This event is only a cubic zirconia in the bling-speckled crown of another fun filled three-day weekend with celebs, filmmakers, horror hosts and fans! Movies of course will be runningf all weekend. Mr. Lobo will have a vendor table with all NEW CINEMA INSOMNIA prints and merchandise, art, and goodies for the kids!

This fest is a favorite of Mr. Lobo’s because of all our dearest friends and fans who attend! Our horror host pals Count Gore, Penny Dreadful, and Ghoul A Go Go will also be there with their ghoulish goods. Daniel Griffith, the director of CITIZEN WOOD, a documentary featuring Mr. Lobo, George “The Animal” Steele, and MST3K’s Joel Hodgson. The ZOM-BEE channel will be recording parts of this show for upcoming new epiosdes of CINEMA INSOMNIA as well as footage for an upcoming LOBOMENTARY spearheaded by Chris Lorusso.

So, in short – Fly, Drive, Walk, Quit your Job, or do whatever you need to and be at THE BASH! UNGAWA!

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