In the small Pennsylvania tMrLobo9ofdiamondsown of Phoenixville, location for the 1958 classic Sci-Fi film THE BLOB they hold an annual 3 day event called BLOBFEST. Horror Host of the late night movie show Cinema Insomia, who has been a special guest and fill in co-host in the past, will be taking the microphone as SPECIAL GUEST MC this year.  A perfect opportunity for the cult movie maven to highlight this wonderful program at the beautiful and historic Colonial Theater.

Friday’s famous annual reenactment for the run-out at the Colonial Theatre is already sold out(Get your tickets early next year!) But you can always stand outside at 9pm and take pictures as hundreds of people burst through the doors to escape THE BLOB exactly as they did in the famous scene from the film. Fear Not! There’s lots more fun to be had on the Saturday and Sunday of the event!

Blobfest takes place in and around the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville.

Saturday there will be double features, pairing THE BLOB with other genre classics and for the evening show MR. LOBO, as he has in years past, will lead the crowd into THE INSOMNIAC OATH. He will present the movie with organizers and co-hosts DR. FRANK N. STONE and Dr. IMA HACK. The characters from the New York TV show GHOUL A GO-GO are traditional Special Guests. There is also an awesome Street Fair with Rockabilly music and a costume contest. Mr. Lobo will have a table among the fans.

Sunday is usually a great day to enjoy the beautiful town and see THE DOC’S HOUSE and where THE DINER once stood…rumored to have been transplanted to California. However this year the colonial theater has added another double feature with THE BLOB and a third film in keeping with this years GIANT BUG-OUT theme!

We talked to one of the founders of the event Shane Stone AKA DR. FRANK N. STONE

CI: What’s  else different this year?dr-frank-bio-pic-glow
DR. F: This year we are recognizing a young man whom boldly taught us all how to be resourceful and stick up for ourselves and OUR TOWN and OUR AMERICA!  All while wearing blue footie pajamas.  MR. KEITH ALMONEY also known as “Danny Martin” in the movie THE BLOB.  We will be presenting him with a special token of our appreciation for his heroism.

CI: Tell us about your special guests? 

DR. F:  We are very happy that CREIGHTON and the INVISIBLE MAN of GHOUL A GO-GO will be with us.  Or at least they claim the INVISIBLE MAN will be here – I think it’s a scam so CREIGHTON gets 2 meal tickets!
Local haunters–THE PATIENT CREATURES, will be in on the Friday night fun and telling spooky stories during our Street Fair on saturday.   The OLDE CITY SIDESHOW will be back–a guaranteed cringe inducing act.  THE BUZZARDS will rock the street fair on Saturday – amazing high power rockabilly trio. And very ultra special guest MC MR. LOBO!   And did I mention the actual BLOB itself ?  Yeah, ya heard right , the actual BLOB seen in the actual movie !  Caretaker of THE BLOB, WES SHANK  brings the actual prop used in the film and has some great stories.

wesstank CI: How would you describe the show for someone who is planning to attend for the first time…

DR. F:  Expect “plain out-and-out old school monster movie goofiness”.  Totally family friendly event – we have something for everyone ages 8 – 80.  Even if you aren’t a fan of these type of movies you can hang out at the Street Fair on Saturday for an afternoon of live rockabilly music, excellent local restaurants , and vintage street rods.

The Friday Night Run Out Re enactment is a fan favorite and a nationally known event.  We put on a variety show inside that culminates in the crowd running screaming into the street just like in the movie.  It’s a lot of fun running out yourself or even just watching everyone else run out.  AND our reigning guest of honor THE BLOB itself will be meet everyone.  This is the actual red colored silicone prop used in the movie.  Watching a classic monster movie in the theater that parts were filmed in and meeting the actual prop used to chase you out of theater – who could ask for more

CI: This years theme?

DR. F:    This years theme is giant-mutated-and-mad bugs.  The Colonial Theatre is actually located mere miles from a nuclear power plant – with the arrival of the 17 year cicada brood and our close proximity to the power plant it seems a natural fit – we all know that radiation is ALWAYS the culprit causing unnaturally large creatures.  I would like to know why it only affects horribly frightening beasts – why can’t it ever be a cute puppy ?

CI: How did the event begin? How has it evolved?

DR. F:   The Colonial Theatre is the actual location that the infamous running out scene from the movie was shot. Wes Shank – Caretaker of The Blob – lives nearby as well. The event began as simply running the film a few times over the weekend.  Fans of the movie had begun re enacting the running out scene before that – much like fans of the Rocky movies re enact his triumphant run up the art museum stairs.  I think things like this are so much fun – even if you aren’t a fan of the movies chances are you are aware of such iconic moments and it’s impossible to not do it.  We like to say that just like The Blob itself grows bigger and bigger so does BLOBFEST – literally. What started as a weekend of running a classic monster movie ran by a few volunteers , has turned into an event ran by well over 100 volunteers !  Every year we strive to put on a better event than the last, adding new elements but keeping everything within the realm of the era and attitude  the film takes place in.  Will you be able to find a vendor giving nose piercmcqueenloboings? No.  But you will be able to find a barber that cuts a mean flat top and straight razor shave.

CI: How did MR. LOBO come to be part of the program?
DR. F:   A friend had told me I had to check some of Mr. Lobo’s stuff out on YouTube. Instant Fan.  I was able to get in touch with him and invite him out as a special guest one year and ever since he has become more and more one of the gang.  Super great guy to work with and a master of the craft.

CI: Any thoughts on giant bug films?
DR. F:   They really bug me.

Thank you Dr. Frank N. Stone. Mr. Lobo is honored to be part of the BLOBFEST family and is looking forward to another unforgetable weekend with you, the guys from GHOUL A GO-GO and Dr. Ima Hack.

You can find out more about BLOBFEST on their facebook blobfest page or purchase tickets from the Colonial Theater at

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  1. This should be the Highlight of Summer 2013! Since I can’t be there, I’m going to buy some Strawberry Yogurt and add Strawberry Syrup to the mix–give it that “BL0B” Effect! Then watch my Remastered “The BL0B” on DVD throughout the BL0BFEST. Ahhhh…Paradise. It sounds like Mr.Lobo is settling in rather nicely in his new surroundings. As the saying goes, “Life is just so-so…Until you add the Lobo!”

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