MR. LOBO Goes International – ‘CARNIVAL OF SOULS’ with UK Hostess BUNNY GALORE

carnivallobobunny0Blonde Bomb-Shill BUNNY GALORE is bringing ‘historically American’ horror host tradition to London, England! Her two main influences are CASSANDRA “ELVIRA” PETERSON and CINEMA INSOMNIA’s own MR. LOBO! She has hosted classic American shlock like THE BRAIN THE WOULDN’T DIE and the classic staple of horror programing here in the states NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, Which originally prcarnivallobobunny1emiered in Halloween 2012, and is still in rotation on SKY channels Information TV, SHOWCASE TV and SHOWCASE 2. Like CINEMA INSOMNIA, Bunny’s hosting of the films include kitschy handpicked classic 60’s and 70s commercials.

CINEMA INSOMNIA WITH MR. LOBO has been finding a lot of new viewers


in England on ‘connected TV’ via ROKU and other internet based devices. MR. LOBO was invited to appear as a guest on BUNNY’s upcoming CARNIVAL OF SOULS show. Since both hosts have full schedules and shallow budgets, the two never actually left their native soil, and appear together through the magic of television. carnivallobobunny3
Much of the coordinating of this marvel of trans atlantic horror hosting was done through BUNNY’s carer MARTIN RAMSDIN and Mr. Lobo’s producer DIXIE DELLAMORTO.

In the classic CINEMA INSOMNIA episode, CARNIVAL OF SOULS, now on ZOM-BEE TV, the film was presented by three very different hosts. Now MR. LOBO will have to return the favor and include BUNNY GALORE in a future episode OF CINEMA INSOMNIA to join the ranks of FRANCOIS FLY and LADY SKANK’NSTIEN! We think Miss Galore would fit right in!

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