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Mr. Lobo is Criswell in the new Plan 9 Remake


Ah, Greetings My Friends and Happy Friday! We predict that the weekend will be a good one for you–but watch out for agitated woodland creatures that may be hiding in your ceiling. Your lucky number is FH-KKU. Enjoy The Amazing Criswell as channeled by Mr. Lobo in a 62 episode web series produced by Darkstone Entertainment called CRISWELL PREDICTS!

As you know, The real Criswell was a famed Psychic who would often recruited as a narrator in Ed Wood’s films. He can be seen prominently in the CINEMA INOMNIA episode featuring PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE.

You can see many of these new CRISWELL PREDICTS! starring Mr. Lobo served up on Lobovision and radomly inserted into various films on Zom-Bee TV.

We are all excited about the Plan 9 film that is coming in the near future. It is due for release later this year–stay tuned for details!



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