2 Replies to “Mr. Lobo on the Trail of BIGFOOT in a classic CINEMA INSOMNIA episode on LOBOVISION.TV”

  1. My problem with this Video Mr. Lobo on the Trail of BIGFOOT, after 30 minuts in to the movie the picture and sound would go out of sinc. I hope you can fix this problem.

    Also when is there going to be a next posting on the ROKU’s chancel Zombe TV . I am looking forward to the next one.

    1. We’re Sorry Frank, Sync problems seem to plague the transfers of the old ones. This week we’re focused on new episodes–we will be recording at Zom-Bee TV Studios this week. We’ll be uploading more in May to coinside with the new interface for Roku. Perhaps we can persuade one of the fans to upload their Cinema Insomnia Bigfoot DVD to the free Lobovision archive…but if not we’ll schedule it on Roku and examine it for sync errors. thanks for watching, CInsomniac!

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