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Mr. Lobo Unveils an All New LoboVision! Watch more Cinema Insomnia!


logoThe new horror channel for connected television, ZOM-BEE TV, is slowly rolling out new Mr. Lobo content while gearing up for their big push and AMGTV affiliates seem to love rerunning the same old CINEMA INSOMNIA episodes–HOWEVER, in the meantime, there is a yet another way to get your “Lobo fix”. 
LOBOVISION is a watch and wear video service with optional head-mounted attitude glasses (HAG) that is being developed by Cinema Insomnia’s

research and development team, with the mission of producing a mass-market ubiquitous computerized archive of select CINEMA INSOMNIA EPISODES
and misunderstood movies without YouTube.

Lobovision-postcard_4x6_frontLOBOVISION displays entertainment in a smart-ass hands-on self service format, that is directly accessible via the global info-web.
While the glasses frames do not currently have Lobovision playing in them and are not necessary to enjoy the service, Cinema Insomnia can be viewed with 15% more
self-satisfaction, and %100 financial support, if you purchase the compatible LoboVision Glasses from our shop or partners.

Unlike Google Glass, LOBOVISION frames can be customized for those who wear prescription glasses! See favorites like LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, UNDERTAKER AND HIS PALS, THE ATOMIC BRAIN, VENUS FLYTRAP, HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, HORROR OF PARTY BEACH, BIG FOOT MYSTERIOUS MONSTER and even the banned STAR CRASH episode(for a limited time).

LOBOVISION is being developed by CINEMA INSOMNIA as an alternative to YouTube for CInsomniacs on the go. You can access it now glasses-free by clicking WATCH EPISODES on CINEMAINSOMNIA.COM or going to LOBOVISION direct at http://www.lobovision.tv. In addition to 2 hour episodes of your favorite hosted movie show–there are also fan films, other Lobo videos, and so-called PyschoTronic films and ephemera uploaded by fans just like you.


Finally, you can virtually have your cake and choke on it too!


Special thanks:Brian Maze and Dixie Dellamorto for their fabulous design.



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