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Attention CInsomniacs! Announcing a new CINEMA INSOMNIA SHOP for MR. LOBO’S SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS!

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Shop Sign 2New shows and new products demand a new store! Just like our sister site Horror Hosts and Creature Features–We have a new store location with plenty of cyber-parking and no lines! You can get something weird for your wall, cubicle, or dungeon and have it shipped right to your door. Come by and browse or buy ORIGINAL 8×10’s that can be autographed by MR. LOBO, LOBOVISION GLASSES, FAN CLUB MEMBERSHIP KITS–and the last few remaining CINEMA INSOMIA DVDS.

Open Tonight–you now the power to click over to our NEW store! Take a look! Your purchases support MISUNDERSTOOD MOVIES, CINEMA INSOMNIA, and your new favorite HORROR HOST…MR. LOBO!


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  • May 31, 2013 at 4:49 PM
    Prince Everlove

    We Fans (Fanatics, LoboAddicts, Lobotomizers, Cinema Insaniacs) have been hoping for a revamped Store Front! (Though not “revamped” in a Vampirella sort of way). Your DVD’s and Posters deserved a more visible place. Me likey! (Ignore the Vampirella bit…I crave female vampires in my sleep. Or is it the other way around?)


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