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Our “Hard Times for Our Hard Drive” Drive…


First off, many thanks to our patrons and fans for the extra financial and emotional support to help save the rest of our current season after our main hard drive failed.

It contained 8TB of material– more than 3 entire new CINEMA INSOMNIA shows worth of raw footage, promos, project files, and more–including our Season 16 Finale.

Producer/Editor Aaron M. Lane took it in and the shop found it had a  damaged USB controller. After it was replaced, a file structure still couldn’t be seen. It needed “Advanced Recovery”. We were told $1000 to $1500.
It turned out a defective USB part fried everything. This demonstrates the need for redundancy. Some of these things are just bad out of the box and we should have at least two back ups on everything. But hindsight is 20/20.

It seems now very likely we can get it all back–just was just going to be expensive.

If the episodes aren’t lost, they are worth thousands in time, talent, and resources. Cast and Crew traveled great distances to work for free and help us pull off this season on the smallest of budgets. The very least we can do is have a finished product so they can see their hard work and enjoy the fruits of their labor and the satisfaction of a finished project.

If it were just me, alone…I could try and do it all over again. However, even if that were the case–you can’t catch lightning in a bottle twice…some aspects you can’t ever reproduce. But we could try.

If Mr. Lobo has to wash cars we’ll make this work somehow.

Things are rough all over and we all have crushing real world stuff to deal with on top of this…and certainly it’s not the end of the world. However, we feel what we do is important and important to try and save.

The “Advanced Recovery” place repaired the USB controller and found that the drive arm & needle had been fried, so it can’t read any data off of it & on a drive like that with proprietary firmware, they have to replace the parts with parts from an identical drive, so they sent it off to a lab in Austin, Texas.

Again, we anticipated the worst case scenario of $1000-1500, even while hoping for the best.

Today, we were told what the cost might be.

The wastelands of Austin “Techs-Ass” are unforgiving.

The lab came back with their diagnostic/estimate and it’s somehow worse than the range they quoted.

They’re now saying $1678 USD + shipping to recover the data if we provide our own drive–So, another $150 for an 8tb drive to send them.

They have an option to use their drives, but the biggest they offer is 3TB for $120. Aaron says we’d lose 5TB of data that way, so he’d rather buy an 8tb drive and send it to them and that makes sense to me, too.

Aaron and I are bafffled and stressed out. What the Heck ever happened to estimating high, so you look like a miracle worker when it comes in cheaper?

Personally,  I feel like we’re being rooked. I think they saw what was on the drive…and smelled blood.

We are going to share this info in the CINEMA INSOMNIA Fan Group on FB and anywhere else we can think of. We hope that you will help us rally the troops as well.

Because of our patrons we’ll be able to throw another $300 after the monthly Patreon pledges go through.

We have some high-ticket items as rewards for your consideration if you have some funds to spare.

Mr. Lobo’s rocking chair or and 2 of my hypnospinners are up for grabs…look at our Patreon rewards….There is other great stuff, too–to say thank you!

Video of Chair

Video of 2005 Hypno-Spinner

This is a bad one. We must survive and save the season!

We’re all gonna need “recovery” after this.

Thanks for all your help!


PS From AARON on FB–
“Since I’ve seen the question come up a few times, for anyone asking how they can chip in to help financially with Cinema Insomnia and our recent hard drive recovery woes, there’s a few different ways to do so.

The first way, of course, is joining Cinema Insomnia’s Patreon. You can pledge as little as $1 a month and you get early access to new episodes & stuff like that. Also, you can initially sign up at a high pledge amount (and snag some cool collectible rewards) and then reduce it down after the first month. You’re not locked in to pay the high amount forever.

The second way would be to paypal money directly to Lobo’s or my Paypal Thankjars, listed below.



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