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There are still a few Out-Of-Print DVDs left. Slime Line #001: Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet From the comfort of hypersleep chamber you can get fantastic 8×10 PHOTOS signed by Mr. Lobo, deeply discounted Out-Of-Print CINEMA INSOMMIA DVDs(that go for as high as $99.99 on Amazon), LOBOVISION GLASSES, SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS FAN CLUB KITS, and many more treasures at the ETSY SHOP tended by Mr. Lobo and Dixie Dellamorto Lobo.

Visit the HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES ETSY SHOP–to geek out over all the CINEMA INSOMNIA merchandise mentioned above plus HHCF art prints, magazines, and  For a sort of complete list of ALL CINEMA INSOMNIA SUPPLIES please visit MR. LOBO’S SHOP PAGE here at cinemainosmnia.com! Give the gift of misunderstood Movies and Mister Lobo!

If there is an episode that you must have on DVD that is no longer in print you can get a signed bootleg direct from Mr. Lobo for $20 plus postage. email mrlobo@cinemainsomnia.com

Slime Line #009: Carnival of Souls


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