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Press Release for new Cinema Insomnia DVDs

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2019

Hosted Cult Movie TV Comedy Series in classic DVD format instead of Blu-Ray!

Los Angeles, CA – Producer Aaron M. Lane oversees a new restoration of the first 3 of 10 episodes of the syndicated late night offering Cinema Insomnia slated to be released in retro-styled DVD packaging on September 17th, 2019 from East Coast based physical media nostalgia juggernaut, ALPHA VIDEO/OLDIES.COM. In the wake of the VHS collecting craze, comes a new trend of mostly thirty-somethings who claim that the DVD format–from their 1990’s and early 2000’s childhoods–is their preferred medium. That’s right, after disappointments with streaming services like Netflix and the puffed up costs of criterion-type BluRay-releases, many obsessive video pirates miss the cheap, plentiful, and often very rent-able disks of yore.
For the cost of an online “rental”, $5.98, you can have one of these new fun, colorful DVDs delivered to your door. The wraparound, disk art and special touches will give you a case of “The Feels”. Alpha’s famously talented art department, that pumped up many low-budget horror films back in the day with candy colors, have made these DVDs look like they may have been a point of purchase Halloween buy at your mom’s favorite discount store. Fans ordering directly from Oldies.com will receive a limited-edition autographed postcard of Mr. Lobo while supplies last. Finally something “millennials” and “boomers” can agree on!

HorrorHound convention’s “Man of the Hour”, and one of Rue Morgue magazine’s 10 top active Horror Hosts, Mr. Lobo of Cinema Insomnia is a must see for Sci-Fi, Horror, and Cult movie fans of all ages.
The first of these releases, MR. LOBO’s CINEMA INSOMNIA: HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL (ALP 1127D), Mr. Lobo enters a haunted house with his own hilarious group of “Paranoid Investigators” comprised entirely of horror hosts! Dick Dyszel(Count Gore DeVol), Jerry Moore II(Karlos Borloff), John Dimes(Dr. Sarcofiguy) and Rich Koz(Svengoolie) play original characters in this spooky tale that weaves through vintage cartoons, movie trailers and other tricks and treats. Next, it’s Mr. LOBO’s CINEMA INSOMNIA: BOB WILKINS HALLOWEEN SPECIAL (ALP 1128D). Mr. Lobo talks with his mentor Creature Feature host Bob Wilkins about their favorite Halloween movies while sitting in a spooky cemetery. And, the third in the series contains a full feature film presented in traditional movie host style segments. MR. LOBO’S CINEMA INSOMNIA: EEGAH! (ALP 1129D) Mr. Lobo’s co-star is a cave woman named “Sheegah” and his director for the episode is “Hardware Wars” parody genius Ernie Fosselius!
All of these DVD releases are jam packed with Halloween thrills and slumber party fun!

These first 3 disks Include:
· James Bond Villain “Jaws” Richard Kiel Interview
· “Creature Features” host Bob Wilkins Interview
· “Bowling for Columbine” Michael Moore appearance
· “I’m Watching TV” music video featuring Ron Dante of “The Archies”
· “Don’t Haunt The House” music video featuring Scott Moon of “Borgeois Tagg”
· Autographed Postcard (While Supplies Last)

ALPHA VIDEO/OLDIES.COM is a Pennsylvania-based distribution company known for bringing collectible rare, nostalgic, and vintage videos to the world. Visit OLDIES.com.


1 Comment

  • April 22, 2020 at 8:07 PM
    Gil Bavel

    I love it! Gotta Catch ‘Em All!
    One of the bands I was in had a song called “The Hypnotic Eye.” I sang on part of it.
    Everybody should buy all Cinema Insomnia products–at least twice. Tell all your friends–and even the people you hate!


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