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Record Breaking Week–Keep it up Cinema Insomnia fans!


Dungeon MasterFanatstic fan support coming in from all over the globe. Mr. Lobo has had more people join his OFFICIAL FAN CLUB this week than any week in recorded history. First Sleepless Knights are joining weekly in the “double digits”…then what? Who knows? Maybe triple!!! Maybe, just maybe, the whole gosh dang planet will finally wake up and accept the truth “That they’re not bad Movies–Just Misunderstood! and that Mr. Lobo is the people’s candidate for “favorite horror host”. You can still get your fan club kits here at our Horror Hosts and Creature Features Etsy Shop and you can still vote for Mr. Lobo in the Rondo Awards at the Rondo website! Great hustle, CInsomniacs! Thanks for staying up late and watching TV!



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