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IMG_1523Your Cinema Insomnia host, Mr. Lobo and producer Dixie Dellamorto have traveled across their great nation meeting Cult Movie Elite, Friends, and fans along the way.

They have arrived at their haunted but happy headquarters in rural PA. Private–yet reasonably close to all of the conventions, film festivals, productions, and collaborators in the region we now are calling the Cradle of Horror Fandom.lobo 4

At present Mr. Lobo and Dixie Delemorto are building a home studio and will be driving 2 hours south to shoot Cinema Insomnia episodes at the amazing Zom-Bee TV studios in Chantilly VA.

The channel itself is doing a lot of restructuring behind the scenes with Mr. Lobo’s help. Zom-Bee TV just officially launched with a 3-Day weekend event called the Zom-Bee TV Freakend Festival at the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, VA. Mr. Lobo was there in person and was greeted by many fans who drove long distances to meet their favorite Horror Host.lobo5

The big move had caused some delays in the Cinema Insomnia Animation Jam created by Mr. Lobo and organized by Neoflux Productions but they are ramping it up again now that they are more settled on the East Coast. Brine-Chimps-WebsiteMr. Lobo painted this background personally for the various animators to use or not use for the Brine Chimps micro series. Filmmakers are asked to submit 10 to 30 second animated sequences based on Mr. Lobo’s Sea-Monkey spoof in different styles and techniques. More Info and character sheets can be found on the Cinema Insomnia’s “Brine Chimps” Animation Jam facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/BrineChimps/?fref=ts


Happy Clouds



Dixie and Mr. Lobo are also catching up with their commisions and continuing to sell art and Cinema Insomnia Fan Club Kits on their Etsy page.



Mr. Lobo is nominated for an important award in the world of Classic Horror. It’s the Rondo Hatton award in the catagory of “favorite horror host”. ronlogo1This is the 8th time Mr. Lobo has been nominated and with the new move–it would be a great year to finally take home the statue. Please take a minute to vote for your favorite host and weigh in on all the other catagories. http://www.rondo.com.





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