The Great Mr. Lobo Meme Hunt and CInsomnia-Cat Caption Contest

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Memes are a cultural cootie that spread from person to person. A popular mode or behavior that grows and multiplies by imitation and duplication and not by genetic means or public toilet seats.

We tumble, google, tube, twit, insta-gramble and  book-face electronic images, videos and bumper sticker bubblegum and they are passed electronically from one Internet user to another–some are seen by untold trillions of life forms and transform the way we live.


Hard to say if Memes are a cause or symptom–but the state of communication and entertainment has changed. Over the past 10 years 50% fewer  Americans have televisions.  Many people can’t talk on the telephone or write a letter in cursive. Newspapers have folded and magazines have been quartered. Even the food stamps that artists, filmmakers, musicans and writers depend on are electronic . A two hour TV show wrapped around broken down movies is a hard sell for folks who like to piece together their entertainment one still image and bad joke at a time.971341_345362622252770_2017359036_n


We do know that there are CInsomniacs living among the internet generation–They need to know they are not alone. They need to know that Mr. Lobo cares. There is a war of ideas going on–all sides are fighting for real estate in your brain-pan–and most of the soldiers are unarmed.   

 This is why Mr. Lobo incourages ambitious fans to deconstruct his CINEMA INSOMNIA episodes and make memes out of them. With your help our hard work and ideas can also be snorted at and instantly dismissed by 87 Million People…248004_598820663471181_742911785_n

To what cultural effect? Who knows? If Years from now, just one poor soul out of 87 Million has an epiphany and seeks out CINEMA INSOMNIA and MR. LOBO and is saved…than all this meme warfare would probably be considered a waste of time. But lets hope our Mr. Lobo’s Meme hunt is more successful than that. 

Thanks to CInsomniacs Elissa Lynn, Dixie Dellamorto, Lawrence Laney Loftin, Andrew Leung, and Sci-Fi Bob Ekman for getting into our heads and helping us kick off the Great Mr. Lobo Meme Hunt.260358_599256873427560_625364490_n


Copy and caption this photo–we have a random link to a quick meme generator we found on Google below. But you can caption it however you like and post wherever you like. You can also post ideas for captions on this like a blog. We will post our favorites here on the Cinema Insomnia site.!ke/

CINSOMNIACAT or “Tard”(No relation to the Grumpy Cat “Tardar Sauce”) is a hermaphrodite–female internals, but no nipples–blind in one eye and is totally schizophrenic. One of those cats that will let you pet her, then attack. Funny, right?


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