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A bold move for Cinema Insomnia. After long and tearful consideration, charts, graphs, and secret conferences—Producers Mr. Lobo and Dixie Dellamorto–Lobo have recently made a decision that will affect Misunderstood Movie fans on both sides of the continent! The dynamic Lobo duo is relocating to the East Coast.


New Cinema Insomnia episodes will be shot weekly in Chantilly, Virginia at ZOM-BEE Studios–ZOM-BEE TV is one of the fastest growing channels in all of ROKU with one of the highest customer ratings. There is a demand for more new HD shows and Mr. Lobo will also be taking a major role in marketing the channel and producing new content.


The Lobo’s will also have a home/studio for making art, writing, working on commissions and other projects, and shooting video near Lancaster PA.  This new HQ that they’re currently dubbing DAS LOBOHAUS is only 2 hours from the ZOM-BEE studios and will be a launch pad to MONSTER BASH in Butler PA and BLOBFEST in nearby Phoenixville PA as two major anchors of their live appearances. We hope to get into CHILLER, SPOOKY EMPIRE, BLOOD ON THE BEACH, MONSTER MANIA and other major East Coast horror shows.


Transplants are always messy. Any words or deeds of support are always appreciated. It will also be helpful to have projects, gatherings, commissions, and bookings lined up early.  Dixie and Mr. Lobo will be centrally located and traveling often. They know many filmmakers and promoters in Virgina, New York, Pennsylvania, and other neighboring regions who have been dying to work with Mr. Lobo—this is an opportunity to take full advantage of this move.

A Facebook Group Was Created:



This page is to assist The Lobos in transitioning and to plan events, appearances, collaborations, social gatherings, to find leads, destinations, opportunities, new friends, old friends, and to gather support from the East Coast horror/sci-fi/film/art community.


Right now Mr. Lobo and Dixie have a lot more opportunities on that side of the country and they’re gonna try living there. It doesn’t mean they’re staying forever and have abandoned California…They are planning many events and projects in the golden state in the future.

Even though Mr. Lobo has been enjoying more fame than ever and is on the air in cities all over the USA–If you live in Northern CA—it’s been rough to be a CI fan. Mr. Lobo’s own hometown of Sacramento has not aired his show in 8 years.  The San Francisco Bay Area has not seen Cinema Insomnia episodes on their TV airwaves in 5 years. Wondercon, where Mr. Lobo had been a featured celebrity moved down to Anaheim.  Mr. Lobo has been absent at many events that used to consider him an essential special guest. Already the rise of streaming TV is bringing CINEMA INSOMNIA to more and more California TVs…and we hope original California fans enjoy seeing their local boy doing good on a much larger scale than even before! 


Mr. Lobo will host the Sacramento Horror Film Fest’s Holiday Show Tomorrow Night at the Colonial Theater, Movies on A Big Screen has booked Mr. Lobo for two Back to Back Crappy X-Mas shows on the 20th and 27th.  At the Crest Theater on January 12th Mr. Lobo is Joined by horror icons Bob Burns and Doug Jones for a monster double documentary show. Mr. Lobo and Dixie want to see as many of you as possible!


The best news is that CINEMA INSOMNIA will be viewable anywhere in the country via ZOM-BEE on ROKU, Google TV, iPads, iPod touch, iPhones, Smart TVs, game consoles and more . AND the show will be on a WEEKLY production schedule—our goal is to have more variety and more content than ANY active hosted show. Mr. Lobo and Dixie will be busy producing at a level heretofore unseen.

Darkstone’s PLAN 9-that was made in Roanoake and Bedford VA-is finally coming out in 2013. Mr. Lobo is a consultant on MIDNIGHT FRIGHTS in Richmond VA—directed by Eric Miller who will also be completing TASTE THE BLOOD OF FRANKENSTIEN with Mr. Lobo.  Sean Kotz, director  of VIRGINA CREEPERS is talking about a second sequel with Mr. Lobo as host,  and Mr. Lobo will be working with Count Gore De Vol on CREATURE FEATURE and Karlos Borlfoff on MONSTER MADHOUSE near Washington DC—as well as many other East Coast hosts and producers. Dixie Dellamorto-Lobo will continue working on art commissions, producing and appearing on CINEMA INSOMNIA, and HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES #2, the HHCF website and her Etsy Shop.

They also plan to tie up their projects  and current CI episodes being made in California before the big move in late January.

The first big event back east will be the ZOM-BEE FREAKEND weekend–details coming soon.

Mr. Lobo still plans to fly out for the Sacramento Horror Film Fest for October next year. He and Dixie have beloved family and friends in California and plan to come back again and again…




  • December 15, 2012 at 5:40 AM

    You do amazing and important work – sorry to see you leave Cali though, but if it means more CI then the best of luck to you and your wife.

  • December 15, 2012 at 12:33 AM

    We know relocating is hard and can be overwhelming in so many ways. We however are glad to see you moving to the East Coast and that we will have the opportunity to see you both more often!!! Have a great holiday season!!!! Have an easy transition!!!

    • December 29, 2012 at 1:15 AM

      So…Dixie and Mr. Lobo are going to drive across country at the end of January to the new Lobohaus. Fair Oaks CA to Las Vegas NV to Albuquerque NM to Arlington TX to Monroe LA to Chatanooga TN to FairFax VA to Philadelphia PA. Planning to connect with a few Horror Host safe-houses along this Underground Railroad…This may be a rare chance to see Mr. Lobo road weary and sleep deprived as your host is hoping to meet as many CInsomniacs as possible along the way!


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