Watch Film Fest Version of MAN Vs. SAC Now!

Not the final version but darn close…this is what patrons saw and what won producer’s choice for best of show at A Place Called Sacramento Short Film Fest 2012. Directed by Mr. Lobo and written by an 11 year old CInsomniac. Performed by Cinema Insomnia stable actor Jay Patrick! Have a laugh on us! No admission required! Congrats to all who worked on this award winning film!

3 Replies to “Watch Film Fest Version of MAN Vs. SAC Now!”

  1. Cheers for the Film Short! Part “Man Vs. Food” Part “Travel Channel Meets Sacramento” Part “Chipmunk Hell: Zombie Nuthouse”, it was most entertaining. Special Mention must be made of the main actor (Fellow Englishman or “Limey” as we say), Cinemotography work and of course mixing vaseline petroleum with weiners~who knew? =)

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