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Where Monsters Dwell! Lobo Fans Freak Out in Pittsburgh this Weekend!

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MonsterBash2MonsterBashmrloboTVMONSTER BASH Conference is a one of our very favorite shows…it’s more like a family reunion!  The guest list is mind boggling and the film program is superb. DIXIE and MR. LOBO will have a table for all three days and we’re lurking forward to seeing all our friends. 

Friday at 1:00 PM – MR. LOBO of “CINEMA INSOMNIA” hosts Movie: CALTIKI – THE IMMORTAL MONSTER (1959) The Italian “Blob” movie from the late 1950s….seldom seen because it will creep up on you and eat the flesh off your bones!
dracnecklaceAfter the wrath of CALTIKI, at 3PM, the MONSTER BASH dealer room opens up and you will be able to purchase several artboxnew LOBOTIMIZED items for the first time in person. You’ll want to save a few bucks for these special items made with love and care by your horror host and is bride. Autographs are included upon request.  IMG_4769artbows
Our HORRIBLE NOISES OF MR. LOBO’S VERY BAD MANOR CD will be there to add to your Halloween novelty record collection for only $10.

Our first commercially reproduced DVD in several years will be on the table along with a matching poster(sold separately). Our 2013 CINEMA INSOMNIA HAUNTED HOUSE SPECIAL can now be yours to keeartbuttonsp on home video for only $15–starring MR. LOBO, JOHN DIMES, JERRY MOORE, DICK DYSZEL and RICH KOZ. Artist DIXIE DELLAMORTO LOBO has created a ton of poster prints and origCI_Bad_Movies_sampleinal jewelry inspired by our favorite Misunderstood Movies. There will also be original paintings byTHE LOBOS to hang in your dungeon. We will also have TOYS, BUTTONS, and BLOBS of SLIME for the kids! CIHauntedHousePoster


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